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Getting Behind The Legend Of Khun Sa, The Opium King (Part One)

KimGooi Photojournalist

Getting Behind The Legend Of Khun Sa, The Opium King
Man The World Thought Had Died

NEWS STRAITS TIMES, EXCLUSIVE, Monday, January 27, 1986.

“I am very much alive as you can see,” said Khun Sa, the Opium King and master of the Golden Triangle – an area where the borders of Thailand, Burma and Laos meet – his personal fiefdom.

Looking robust and healthy, and not much older since he was last seen, KimGooi met up with General Khun Sa, then 52, in December of 1985, more than six months after the first contact was made with an “agent.”

Not since more than 10 years ago has any journalist met Khun Sa.

And not since Adrian Cowell made the “Unknown War” in the sixties has anyone seen his picture.

Patience and months of meetings and talks with the contact man in Bangkok finally gave Kim Gooi the green light to meet up with the big boss.

Kim Gooi invited another freelance TV journalist along and made the necessary preparations.

The following exclusive interview by Kim Gooi reveals the agonizing and tension-filled journey over the Shan Highlands.

They met up with Khun Sa finally on December 26, 1985.

Looking robust and healthy and not so much older since he was last seen, General Khun Sa was amicable and treated them warmly during the six days they were at his base.

So, who is the legendary Khun Sa?

The following is the scoop on Khun Sa (opium King) that ran for 5 days in New Straits Times in 1986.

December 26, 1985 - Getting Behind The Legend Of Khun Sa

December 26, 1985 Exclusive interview with Khun Sa

December 26, 1985 article (cont)

December 26, 1985

December 26, 1985 Khun Sa talking to his men

Monday, Jan 27, 1986 The Writer with Khun Sa



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