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The nation, May 14, 1996. Bangkok, Thailand: Teresa Teng a Kuomintang spy?

KimGooi Photojournalist

Teresa Teng a Kuomintang spy?
Special Report for The nation, May 14, 1996. Bangkok, Thailand
All photos by Kim Gooi

In a special report for The Nation, Kim Gooi in Chiang Mai pursues certain disturbing questions that have not been answered, a year after the mysterious death of internationally-acclaimed singer, Teresa Teng.

Teng’s death has drawn scores of investigative journalists to Chiang Mai, searching for a sensational clue to the possibility of foul play and murder. A popular source of information for all these investigations has been Yang Yi Shan, owner of a jade shop in Chiang Mai and a close confidant and friend of the deceased. Yang, who is from the peninsular Malaysian city of Ipoh, opened a successful jade and jewellery shop there – Teng’s love for jade and ruby drew her to Yang’s shop, and the famous singer became her best client and best friend.

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Mdm Yang and her husband in her jade shop

M Uzaki: standing right holding camera

Madam Yang Yi Shan

Highly skilled jade carver in Yang’s Chiang Mai shop

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