April 23, 2010 at the Sense Musical Cafe, Sungei Pattani – Kim Gooi performing (blues harmonica) with ‘Bok and Wills David Chen Band’, among growing numbers of local bands who write original songs and music for the huge China, Taiwan, Hong Kong markets. Photograph by Queen Lee

George Town Blues, 31 Jul 2010: – The finale of the month-long ‘Unesco Heritage City Festival’  In an enclave of the inner city, abandoned and in ruins and its citizens chased out by developer’s hammer, Dancers and Musicians perform to highlight the issues of Housing for the Poor

Dancers and Musicians: - (L - R) Aida Redza; Kent Tan; Boey Kian Seng; Kim Gooi; EngBok Ang - Photo by: Phin Oswald

Jan 20, 2011 Ban Kaeo (village) on the Nam Poui – tributary of the Mekong river –  Xayaboury, Laos.  It was full moon night, I took out the harp to play the Blues, all of a sudden villagers appear all around to listen, young and old. Wow what a happening! I was greatly encouraged and moved.

The youth on my left requested for a fast number. I played Chuck Berry’s ‘Johnny B Goode’. He said please explain the lyrics! I said, man… you’re Johnny B Goode who lives out in the woods – like you – no electricity and no pipe water. He didn’t know how to read or write so well…but he could play the guitar..n his mama says someday you’ll be a star… They laughed and he asked me to bring him a guitar the next time I come and teach him how to play.  A most memorable night indeed! – Photo by Geh Poh Khong

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  1. Just like the good ole days Kim

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