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Richard Holbrooke (1941-2010)

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Photography In Person

KimGooi Photojournalist

This photo of me was taken from a TV screen from the CNN documentary about environmental/green issue (People Count, Forging Ahead) hosted by Jane Fonda in 1998 I think. It was produced by Babara Pye.

I worked on this episode in Thailand about a carpet factory that recycles everything.

I was supposed to be the researcher and interpreter but they put me on the show too and interviewed me as a freelance journalist about environmental issues in Thailand.

When the credit rolled, I was thrilled to see my mug shot appeared. I froze the frame and took the photograph.

It would had been perfect if my name appeared too; unfortunately my name appeared in a different frame.

Bangkok circa 1990, with John Hail, UPI Bureau Chief (later Dpa Editor) at the Red Door, Patpong – Photo by Claes Bratt;   John Hail’s website:
Sharing a water pipe with the tribesmen of the Golden Triangle, Thai-Burmese border from circa 1980 – Photo by John Hail
At the UPI office, with telex operator Suthin who would later become Reuter’s and AP’s ace reporter, Bangkok from circa 1996 – Photo by John Hail

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