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Viva Indonesia

Indonesia is a beacon of democracy in the region – it is the biggest Muslim nation in the world and there are no shortage of religious fanatics. They have the best judiciary in Asean (have jailed ministers, big shots etc); their academics, media/tv, ngos/forums can discuss/write anything openly – no taboo on racial or sensitive issues.

Panchasila is the state ideology, Islam is not a state religion and anyone is free to worship any religion.

Gusdu(Abd Rahman Wahid) as president visited Israel despite giant protest from the Muslim. He says: As a poor student in Bagdad studying for his Islamic master degree he saw his Jewish benefactor lynched by muslim crowd cos they wanted to  confiscate his properties and kill him cos he is a Jew. He also said if we can’t protect our minority (Chinese) how can we called ourselves a great nation.

The Chinese enjoy more freedom, no bumiputra crap. The Army is neutral and Judiciary a shinny example of justice. I really don’t know…vis-a-vis Ahok (the besieged governor of Jakarta).

Indonesian Muslim population is the world’s biggest.

Let’s hope dirty politics fail and  good ulamas/ustazs and cool heads prevail. Malaysia is a disgrace in comparison, sounds shocking … right ? man!

Indo watcher, Tan Beng Chai, says: Ahok has literally made a clean sweep of Jakarta. The streets are free of beggars, very clean and free of garbage , the canals once very filthy are now clean with flowing waters. The workers are now enjoying minimum wage set by the Government and the administration is CLEAN with little corruption from top down. President Jokowi and Ahok has transformed Indonesia and Jakarta. If you visit Jakarta now you will be amazed by the shopping malls, the hotels and the many resorts operated and owned by Indonesian Chinese Tycoons.

Despite massive violent protests by Muslim for insulting the Koran, the Christian governor still has a chance to retained his position says our expert Indo-watcher:                                             Chances of Ahok winning the Governorship of Jakarta is still very bright. The protesters that you saw gathering at Monash Jakarta are mostly the rural muslims who are not voters in Jakarta. They were paid for a sight seeing trip to Jakarta paid for by Ahok’s opponents. Almost 90 percent of the businesses in Jakarta are owned by Chinese towkays and they control a few million Indonesian workers (Jakarta has a population of 15 million including a few million Chinese.minority) They try to bring down Ahok using religion but Ahok’s supporters mostly Christians are campaigning very hard for him. In passing I would say that Ahok has been too arrogant.

From Indo-Watcher, Tan Beng Chai, on Jakarta governor Ahok – “Is he finished ?” I don’t think so. The election will be held on 15 Feb 2017, still time for Ahok to repair the damage he did it himself. Not all the protesters gathering at Monash were against Ahok moreover the protesters are not residents of Jakarta and cannot vote for Ahok’s opponents. On present count Ahok is having 60 percent support from the Chinese together with support from the Pribumi Catholics and Christians.Ahok has the tacit support of President Jokowi and has been working together to clean up Indonesia of Corruption and make Jakarta a livable city when Jokowi was Governor with Ahok was Deputy. Ahok is not finished yet.

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