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Book Launch Invite


Book Launch:  “HEALTH TIPS – Maintaining Long Life and Seeking a Spiritual Link with the Supreme Spirit”
By: Kim Gooi
Date: 26 October 2013
Time: 4.00 pm 
Venue: Gandhi Ashram, Waterfall Road

About the Book and Author:

Kim Gooi is the real adventurer, with a lifetime behind him of genuinely putting his ass on the line, from covering border wars in Southeast Asia to breaking up child prostitution rings. One such adventure landed him in a Burmese jail for a year—and a Burmese can is not a place you want to explore.
But, ironically, it was there that he discovered the first of—let’s call them insights—that led to him learning how to live a healthy, long, attuned life. These series of articles, many previously published, encapsulate what he learned along his long and winding road, and has practiced for decades. He writes hoping it will benefit reader. I’ll let him tell you about it.                                                                                                             – Jason Schoonover, novelist
The stories of Tea, Taiji, cure of stomach cancer, Aikido, Reiki are to address the holistic approach to health; the Oriental way i.e., Qigong, Mental and Spiritual aspects. The cures and testimonies were relevant then and can be applied to this day.
The stories of the two women are example of frugal living and hard labor, resulting in two wonderful cheerful old women in spite of their poverty and hardship they went through life. It reinforces the concept of mind/spirit over body and it is a contrast to the modern way of life. The three jail stories are unique and depicts survival in the most dreadful and barbaric jail in the world. Again, when all else fails, “Only the human spirit can keep us alive”. The Double 9 story shows the traditional/spiritual beliefs and the old ways to avoid calamity and disaster practiced since ancient China.
To put it in context very precisely: the author’s quest for manintaining good health started in prison and it has actually continued nonstop till today. At his present age of 65, he goes through every day with a zest for living, with good health, sound mind and spiritually uplifted. His sincere desire right now is to share his beliefs so that others can experience these life changing benefits too. 

Hair-raising account of survival of gaols in Burma: Cannot possibly find words to describe the impact and reaction. At least I can say it is very well written in the most honest unembellished reportage.    JAMES GERRAND: Independent Documentary Producer and Director

“IF KIM GOOI could package his philosophy of life into a tea bag, he’d almost certainly join the growing ranks of multi-millionaires in SE Asia. But true to his eclectic lifestyle, in this collection of experiences and long-life tips, he provides us with a snap shot of expertise which is both persuasive – and life affirming. His writings, observations and sometimes life threatening scenarios, are both shocking and fascinating – but it’s his holistic approach to the knowledge of self – that’s  really interesting. Through a series of articles Kim provides a personal insight into the secrets of a long life – through his own experience – and lots of tea.”
 –  GERRY TROYNA: Award winning Producer and Director for film and Television
Kim Gooi is a freelance photojournalist who had covered Indochina and the region for various international publications and televisions. He was born in Penang in 1947 and educated at the Penang Free School.”

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