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Bridges and Kaki Lima – a George Town Festival

Street Performance in old George Town on 29 June 2013 –  a collaboration between Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia with Ais Tyaningnung; Alumni Dancers from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts Singapore; and Ombak Dancers Penang.

Excerpts  from chief choreographer Ida Redza to the dancers:

sexy womenPlease read this to consider your roles and relationship in each section of the performance. We should also acknowledge that there are these struggles socially , politically – and we are making a parody, spoof or satiric take of it along our streets and kaki lima which exists in all three countries,.. so to say that where it originated first – Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia? Just like the question about batik; the song, rasa sayang; satay; etc etc; where did it originate?
Choreographer Jefriandi Usman of Indonesia

Choreographer Jefriandi Usman of Indonesia

And the rivalry in football, badminton,etc. Our countries are fiercely competitive and mutually challenging, wanting to be the origin of history and success in every national endeavors. So the show should be treated as such, potraying your characters in your performing journeys through the streets of old George Town,

Competition of discovery in the first scene. Winning, building and crossing the bridge to a common heritage, should be the goal. Every aspect of the journey is fraught with challenges. Who is to arrive first in this land of street and kaki lima. And the competition between the ‘monkeys’ and regular people. Of calling names of each other – labeling  Indons, what did Malaysia use to call Singaporeans, and what name did Singaporeans use to call Malaysian?

We have to confront this even though it’s sensitive. Highlight the differences and dispute between our races, cultures and religions, then can we proclaim our statement as to why we are building this bridge. We know the fact that there is intense rivalry and competition among the countries – the best man wins, the survival of the fittest, who wants to have their flag up first.

Also consider the areas where in the choreography we can include the problems of how Indonesians are abused, not literally but quietly. So read the links–Malaysia_relations.

beach street hil n partnercheering crowd

mt n sea people

gang fgt betrand linet

tok akha photo gala

bagawan solo tok akha lane

tok akha high kicktok akha gang fight

kampong lai love birds dance

high leaps tan kongsi

indoor victoriaPhotographs from Bridges and Kaki Kima website; credits: Tan Lay Heong, Ch’ng Oon Tian, Phin Oswald, Betrand Linet

Viva la George Town, Let’s Reclaim The Kaki Lima !

cherita tok akhakaki lima harpkaki lima nya

kaki lima singers

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