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Blues Jam Tribute to Chuck Berry

courtesy of Chuck Berry website

courtesy of Chuck Berry website

What is rejuvenating than a rock n’ roll guitar ? Chuck Berry at 87 is still ‘rocking and reeling’, touring the world and playing monthly at the Blueberry Hill (restaurant bar) in St Louis.

From Taiji to Singing the Blues: a little tribute to Chuck Berry – King and Father of Rock n’ Roll – Malacca April 2013


Some-while ago  in a far-away-place – a remote corner of mountainous Laos – I had a memorable experience with the people via the Blues:

Jan 20, 2011 Ban Kaeo (village) on the Nam Poui – tributary of the Mekong river –  Xayaboury, Laos : –   It was full moon night, I took out the harp to play the Blues, all of a sudden villagers appear all around to listen, young and old. Wow what a happening! I was greatly encouraged and moved.

Lao Blues 1The youth on my left requested for a fast number. I played Chuck Berry’s ‘Johnny B Goode’. He said please explain the lyrics! I said, man… you’re Johnny B Goode who lives out in the woods – like you – no electricity and no pipe water. He didn’t know how to read or write so well…but he could play the guitar..n his mama says someday you’ll be a star… They laughed and he asked me to bring him a guitar the next time I come and teach him how to play.  A most memorable night indeed! – Photo by Geh Poh Khong


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