Photo Gallery

 PORTRAITS  Galore   

    all photographs copyright © Kim Gooi

Khmer refugee: ‘tears and fears’

Khmer refugee girl watching Bassac opera circa 1980



far left: Khmer Rouge  Mitr Naree (woman soldier) platoon leader

Akha girl prettier than a thousand brides: New life Centre Chiang Mai

Karen refugee mother and child ‘happiness’: Mae Lah Thai/Burma border

Thailand ‘Visions of a New Dawn’











Bangkok Beauty




South West China landscape and people

Chinese Muslim ‘shish-kebab’ girl: Kunming Food Festival 1992

While queuing for my ‘shish kebab’ I took several shots and she gave me the sweetest smile. A young street-toughie  reprimanded me for not asking her permission. I said ‘hey man, can’t you see she is happy being photographed!’  He scurried off as the crowd were starring at him disapprovingly.

Chinese Muslim at Friday prayer

Street performer demonstrating qigong power by igniting paper with his bare hands: Yunnan 1992

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