Letter from New York

Letter From New York

Author’s note:
     This is not an article just a letter, from a prestigious company (see their website below), I received two days after my 64 birthday. Wow, what a happy surprise! For a freelance journalist, it is like the paramount recognition – that our work were noticed by the top guys of the trade.
     I often tell freelance wannabes, it might be ‘trendy’ but unless you have the love for it, empathy for people/cultures, read a lot, endurance/resilience, forget about it. Find a better and more secure job.
   For the first few years you gonna be starving yet keep on writing even though the money won’t pay your bills. I was like a door to door salesman showing my work to local newspapers and international media in Bangkok. As more of my bylines appeared, assignments began to trickle in and gather momentum. The rest you can read from by web/blog.   

Fri, April 22, 2011 3:09:48
AMFreelance events in NYC
From: Kara Wiemert from LEWIS <kara.wiemert@lewispr.com>View Contact
To: “kimgooi@yahoo.com” <kimgooi@yahoo.com>


Hi Kim,

Do you do freelance events in NYC? We are enquiring for a client.


Kara Wiemert
Account Executive
LEWIS PR– Global Communications
535 Boylston Street, Suite 603
Boston, MA 02116
Office +1 617 226 8880
Mobile + 1 860 919 7459


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