12 responses to “Naoki Mabuchi – a journalist who came in from the cold

  1. kimgooi

    So happy to hear that…thanks man!

  2. Memories of Naoki Thursday, April 12, 2012 From: “James Gerrand” To: “Kim GOOI”
    Hi Kim,
    From Michael Hayes’s Facebook I have just caught up with your tribute to Naoki. You certainly conjure up some unforgettable times and friends and ghosts. Very well written tribute to a great guy. Thanks Kim
    Hope you are bright and well and ready for another bonus year.
    Sawadee pi mai Cheers,
    P.S. I shall be back in Cambodia next month for about 2 weeks from 6 May. If you happen to be around it would be good to see you (I’ll be staying at the Golden Gate Hotel as usual)

    from Kim Gooi: Thanks Jim, please note Naoki’s ashes to be scattered in Tonle Sap on May 8. Will keep you posted.

  3. Kim Gooi,

    Thank you so much for your great and beautiful article on Naoki. Our old memories with Naoki came back and sticked at me deeply.
    Naoki is still alive in my heart, and never vanished, I believe.
    I hope to see you again in Penang or BKK.

    Jo Oshihara

  4. Hi Kim

    A moving story!

    Naoki was in a league of his own (assume Al Rockoff should also be included) during those times in the French Embassy (oh one more was Richard Boyle) and scattering his ashes in the Tonle Sap is a fitting postscript or is it actually a continuation of his journey?

    If you are in Bangkok circa the 22nd to 28th of June I will be back home. Right now I am in Danang – don’t seem to be able to “escape” Vietnam on an ADB assignment (Song Bung 4 Hydropower Project) – and at the end of June have to go to Uzbekistan for 22 days.

    Shane Tarr, PhD
    Freelance Development Consultant

  5. Kaori Aochi(Kaori Mabuchi)

    Thank you Kim,for a great article.It made me cry.

  6. Thank you, Sayhong for sharing your memories of your late husband.
    /Bawng Perom

  7. David Lin

    Awesome / Impressive article ! The journalist with the 90cc red Honda before the KR took over Phnom Penh.

  8. Jason

    I had the honor of working with Mabuchi. He lead me to Pol Pot.

  9. Ban Cheng Tan

    Here is a true blue journalist who went against the grain of peer pressure that reflected the convoluted wishes of whatever powers-that-be to whom they were answerable.

    He stood his ground against all the stinging villifications and vituperations, reaching out for only the justification of The Great Truth.

    He truly deserves our honour and respect as well as our acclaim and reverence – more so in The Great Silence of his Demise.

    Kim Gooi, my thanks for a a very well-written tribute to a fellow journalist.

    • Ban Cheng, thanks for your comment and encouragement. The first casualty of war is truth, the Americans, Vietnamese and Thais were spinning lies and propaganda on day one to undermine the Khmer Rouge communist who were paranoid of centuries of control/interference of the Thais and Vietnamese on their left and right border

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