Unesco Heritage City

KimGooi Photojournalist

George Town Blues

31 Jul 2010, the finale of the month-long ‘Unesco Heritage City Festival’ – in
an enclave of George Town’s inner city abandoned and in ruins, its citizens
chased out by developers hammer – Dances and Musicians perform to highlight the
issues of ‘housing for the poor’

(L-R): Aida Redza; Kent Tan; Boey Kian Seng; Kim Gooi (wearing a beret); EngBok Ang Photo by Phin Oswald

April 21, 2002 UNESCO’s Richard Engelhardt

– while addressing the International Conference on Historical Penang –

met a delegation of the Inner City’s poor, facing eviction.

Middle Lto R:  Ong Boon Keong, head of SOS; Penang Tourism Chief, Datuk Kee Paik Chin; and Richard Engelhardt

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