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Cure For Stomach Ulcer

A Cure For Stomach Ulcers
By Kim Gooi

As he narrated, Sunny Ewe had suffered tremendous pain and hardship from stomach ulcers for more than 10 years. “When the attack comes in the middle of the night it is sheer terror! I cannot sit, I cannot stand and I cannot sleep,” Ewe recalled.

“I have to rush down to the company clinic to get an injection to ease the pain and control the palsy and fits.” Then he could sleep but two weeks later the attack would recur without fail, usually around 1 am, he said.

This went on for a long time. Ewe worked for Shell in Miri, Sarawak, East Malaysia. The company spared no efforts and expenses in giving him the best treatment in the world. He was treated twice in London and even requested for an operation, but the specialists refused saying he was too young (at that time he was 20 plus). He was put on ‘tagamet’ medication which was so successful in treating stomach ulcers, with a success rate of 85 percent, that it won the Queen’s Award. Unfortunately he fell into the other 15 percent, Ewe lamented.

The treatment continued in Singapore for over a decade, hundreds of thousands of dollars spent. Ewe was admitted to all the top hospitals more than a dozen times: had undergone Barium-meal checkup, enema checkup, X-ray, you named it; all to no avail. All failed to diagnose and pinpoint the problem. Eventually they conducted a 100 percent checkup and pronounced they had found gallstones. He was sent to Mt Elizabeth hospital for verification. But the hospital could not confirm the gallstones.

Finally Shell Company doctor recommended laparotomy – cutting out the stomach wall and dishing out all the organs and physically check all of them one by one. A most frightening nightmare, recalled Ewe.

“Luckily the doctor in Singapore is a physician and not a surgeon, so for that remaining five percent uncertainty, he wouldn’t operate on me,” Ewe said with a sigh of relief.

At that moment in 1982, in what Ewe described as divine destiny, he was introduced to a Chinese cook in Miri by a Malaysian police officer. The cook told him he could cure him by teaching him a series of deep breathing exercises. He had to see him every morning at dawn to learn and practice.

Like a drowning man grasping at a lifeline, Ewe diligently went to see the master before dawn for 6 continuous mornings. Each morning he was taught one new exercise. “After 6 mornings, I was asked to do these 6 deep breathing exercises on my own each morning and before going to bed for about 30 minutes,” recalled Ewe.

“It was incredible,” said Ewe. “After two weeks for the first time in 10 years, there were no attack.”

End of a storm cloud, a silver lining! Greatly encouraged, Ewe religiously did the exercises twice a day without fail. After three months, the master invited him to his house for dinner. There were sweet and sour fish, hot curries, sambal (hot chilli) dishes; every one hot and spicy. The sight of them would strike terror to anyone with stomach ulcer.

The master had specially cooked all the dishes that were taboo to Ewe. “He invited me to partake and enjoy the food, but I hesitated. He said go on, I just wanted to show that you are completely cured that’s the reason for inviting you.” Ewe recalled vividly.

“I did as I was told. By now I had full confidence in the master. It was the best dinner I ever had and the happiest moment in my life knowing that I am completely cured.”

Today, 27 years later Sunny Ewe, 58, has retired with a handsome bonus from Shell and enjoying life. As sure as the sunrise, he is up every morning doing his deep breathing exercises religiously without fail. He hopes to live to a hundred, he said in zest.

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